B2B Marketing: How to Nurture your Brand

2c9b70c2-732f-4bd1-9faf-fcee3e719947Your logo may give your business a visual identity – but it is not your brand. In business-to-business marketing your brand is defined by the experiences people have when they interact with your business. Here are our top tips to help you get those experiences right, to nurture your brand – whatever your logo.

1.Ensure your product or service is right

This is where branding starts. You can’t dress up a poor quality product or a service and make it successful. Get it right, and you will build your business by word of mouth.

2.Focus your website and sales literature on meeting customer needs

When people come to your website, they want information about your product or service and they want to know what you will be like to work with. So start by being helpful, even before you have personal contact. Make sure your website is easy to use. Create online content that focuses on the key questions people ask. Explain how potential customers will benefit from what you offer. That shows you understand what customers want and make the effort to provide it. And that’s the sort of company people want to do business with.

3.Give people a positive experience when they contact you

Can you make sure phone calls are always answered by a friendly and helpful staff member? If not, make sure you have a professional greeting on your voice mail. Check messages left, and get back to people promptly.

If people email with questions, get back to them promptly. If it’s appropriate, get on the phone to ask in more detail about what they are looking for. Show an interest. It’s your chance to stand out from all the other companies they may have contacted, and to develop the strong relationships that are a key part of your business brand and will bring in both first-time and repeat business.

4.Say what you do – do what you say

An obvious point, but one some companies still struggle with. A reputation for delivering the agreed product or service on time and on budget is a strong element in any company’s branding. And of course, if there is a problem, tell the customer sooner rather than later.

5.Listen to your customers

Keep in touch. Don’t just wait for the orders to come in. Find out how your product or service is working for customers. What do they like? What could be better? How is their business developing and changing, and how can you develop what you do so you continue to meet their needs?

6.Put your customer at the heart of your product development

Asking customers what products they want to see is a good start. But you can take it further. Long term relationships come when you understand your customers so well you can use your expertise to suggest new approaches they might not be able to imagine for themselves. Henry Ford knew his potential customers wanted to go faster. But as said himself, if he had asked them what they wanted, they would have said ‘a faster horse’.

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