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Before you start any business to business (B2B) marketing activity, it’s worth taking a moment to consider what your ideal customer might look like. Why? Because once you understand who they are, how they think and how your products or services could benefit them you’ll be able to communicate better with them.

Successful business relationships balance each party’s wants and needs. So identify your ideal customer and ask yourself two questions:

“Who is the ideal customer to meet the needs of my business?”

“How does my business meet my ideal customers needs?”

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Financial Considerations

Taking your business’s unique characteristics into account, should you aim to attract large customer numbers or a smaller number of key relationships?

Is turnover or profitability more important at this stage in your business’s development?

Does your business require regular, steady income or would a series of one-off projects work better for you?

Brand awareness

Though it might not have an immediate financial benefit, would a specific type of customer improve the awareness of your brand? This can be particularly important for newly established companies or those looking to move into new product areas or geographic locations.

Gaining Experience & Development of new Services

Is there an opportunity for you to learn something new, gather useful information or make new contacts?

Ability to build a Long-term Partnership

Who are professional and easy to deal with? Which organisations treat their employees, customers and suppliers well? Who pays on time?


Do they have enough business for you to take the type of share you’re looking for?  How often do they change suppliers? If it goes well could you cope with more demand?

What do they want?

Now you know what your ideal client looks like you need to work out why they should buy from you? Put yourself in their shoes and consider the following:

  • How does their business work and how would your product or service fit for them?
  • Which needs are you meeting with your product or service?
  • Why should they value your product or service over any alternative?
  • What do you charge and why does it represent good value to them?
  • What’s your potential impact on their business? – Show you understand this and you’ll have their attention!
  • What will they want to know about you? How can you demonstrate your credibility?

Don’t Settle too Early

Be confident! Too many businesses think they can’t reach their ideal customer. It’s worth remembering that good businesses tend to be open-minded and actively welcome opportunities to work with like-minded organisations that can enhance their own capabilities.

There is only one certainty in marketing:

“The marketing actions that you plan but never carry out, will not work”

In B2B Marketing there is only one way to find out what works for you and your business.  To make a plan and try it out for real, then asses the results and refine your approach. Test and learn is ultimately the best way to to create a marketing programme that works for you

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