Business Advice: How to get the most from your business adviser

direction-squareWhen you choose to work with a business adviser, you invest both time and money into the relationship. So how can you be sure you are making the most of the investment?

1.     Are You Ready for Change?

This is fundamental. If you are not ready or able to make changes, there is no point in taking business advice. How do you know if you are ready for change? Think what happens to new ideas in your business; to new people. Do they thrive – or do things tend to carry on in the same old way?  If the latter, what is causing the blockage – and can that be changed?

2.    What Are you Looking to Achieve?

Business advisers work in many different ways, but it is usual to agree specific deliverables and timescales. That way, you both know what is expected and you are both working to the same ends.  It also makes it much easier to review progress and to assess what value you are getting for your investment.

3.    Will You Get Your Team Involved?

If you suddenly start announcing a series of changes, you might find it hard to take your team along with you. The best way to get people to do things differently is to involve them in the discussions. Consider bringing the adviser in to run workshops that give everyone a chance to be part of the planning process and to learn the new skills they will need. He or she will probably have much more impact as an outsider than you would!

4.    Ask Why?

Your business adviser will bring ideas, make suggestions, and teach you new ways to do things. Take every opportunity to ask why, you will be in a better position to make sound decisions based on the advice. You will also get a deeper understanding of the new concepts, and you will be able to apply them in different ways once the business adviser is no longer around.

5.    Make Your Own Decisions!

It’s your business. First, make sure you explore all issues thoroughly with your adviser, to make sure the advice is genuinely appropriate for your business. Your advisor can only give advice based on the facts you share. Second, make your own decisions – you live with the outcomes. When you are confident you have made a decision that will really change your business for the better, go with it.

Tip:  Take these points mind when talking to potential business advisers. What approach does the person take to these challenges?

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