Business Advice: The Get Results ABC

6b0c87b6-2f62-4dad-8e27-8484a59c1ee3If you are new to considering business advice, it can seem confusing what to expect. To simplify things, we have created our own GET RESULTS ABC of Business Advice. Here it is:

A is for ACTION – Focus on practical actions you can take to help you meet your goals.

B is for BUSINESS – Which is what we focus on.

C is for CLARITY – Give clarity to your thinking.

D is for DIRECTION – Help you set direction – for the business as a whole, or for the specific project you are working on.

E is for EDUCATE – So you improve your knowledge and skills for the future.

F is for FREEDOM – Give you the freedom to explore new avenues for your business.

G is for GROWTH – Focus on actions that will lead to growth.

H is for HAPPY – Running a business should be fun and put a smile on your face.

I is for INSPIRATION – To make changes, to do things differently.

J is for JOINTLY – Take a joint approach. Success comes when you and your adviser work closely together in an open and honest relationship.

K is for KICK – Kick-start ideas and turn them into actions.

L is for LISTENING – Lots of listening. Only when your advisor understands your business can they give appropriate advice. And only when you listen fully to your advisor can you assess and consider the advice they are giving.

M is for MANAGEABLE – Business advice should always be about what’s achievable for you, given the resources you have available.

N is for NAVIGATE – Help you navigate uncharted territory. A good business advisor knows what’s out there; they will have taken the same route themselves or worked with others who have.

O is for OBJECTIVES – Working towards agreed objectives. Agree where you want to get to, and you can focus together on the end goal.

P is for POTENTIAL – Your potential as an individual, as a team and as a business.

Q is for QUESTION – The interaction is around questions: Why? What? Where? When? How? Who?

R is for REVIEW – Reviewing assumptions, checking what you are doing differently is working.

S is for SIMPLE – The simplest idea and approach can be hard to find but wins in the long run.

T is for TRUTH – Tell it like it is. There’s no point in diluting the facts.

U is for UNLOCK – Help you unlock the hidden potential in your business, and make more of what you’ve got.

V is for VIABLE – A viable business works with and meets the needs of its customers, employees and suppliers.

W is for WIN-WIN – Every plan of action should be Win-Win, benefiting everyone involved. Hard to find, easy to implement.

X is for EXIT – Sometimes the exit needs planning and preparation, so start early.

Y is for YOU – It is your business. When you are using an adviser for one-to-one advice, they are there to help you clarify and achieve your goals.

Z is for ZEST – Increasing your zest for your business and get excited about what comes next.

Tip: With the right business adviser, business advice needn’t be complicated or expensive. Look out for someone who takes a straightforward approach and help you get things done.

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