Business workshops: The seven bonus features of in-house training.

StudyWhy organize an in-house business workshop when you could simply send staff on an external training course? Because the benefits of in-house training go far beyond learning the new skills or knowledge required. Here, we list seven additional benefits that make an in-house workshop worth considering wherever you have training needs.

Team building

When a group of people go through a workshop together, they have a great opportunity to interact outside the normal work routine. A workshop run specifically for a team with shared goals is a practical way to strengthen team bonding and motivation leading to better day-to-day teamwork .

Open problem solving

The presence of an external facilitator creates a safe environment where people bring up issues that may not be discussed openly in everyday situations. Once a problem is out in the open, you can explore how to take action even if you can’t solve it immediately.

Staff motivation

The opportunity to learn new and useful skills is a big motivating factor for the majority of people. By taking the time to organise a workshop designed specifically for your team, you also show people you value them and you consider what they do is important and merits tailored and expert in-house support.

Practical outcomes

An in-house workshop can be designed to focus on specific practical goals that fit with your business need. This way, people finish the session with a sense of positive progress and real work achieved. Insights can be implemented immediately, with everyone helping each other.

Demonstrating support and leadership

If you want to make real change happen in your business, it’s important to show that you as the manager are committed to new ways of working. Participate with your team, and you learn alongside them and demonstrate your commitment.

Follow up on opportunities

When a whole team participates together in a workshop, everyone knows what has been covered. It is much easier for individuals to follow up actions with colleagues and for managers to set and track individual follow-up objectives.

Return on investment

Once you have more than two or three people participating in workshop, the cost per person becomes very attractive when compared with individuals going to external training courses. Not only do you pay less for each individual, the added benefits of team participation means a greater return on your investment.

Tip: Whenever a training need is identified, consider who else could benefit from the training and what related topics might easily included be in the training workshop.When you bring your team together, your business will reap the rewards.

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