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What our Clients Say About Us:

“One of Mike’s talents is his incredibly ability from his wide experience to very quickly pick up on problems within a business and then recommend and deliver practical help in order to move the business forward in that particular area”

Paul Armitt – Managing Director ITAC Ltd

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“I’m a market researcher I know a lot about market research and I have plenty of support from my team. Mike brings so much business experience gained from working with so many different clients adding a complete outsiders point of view. When I have important decision’s to make, its a comfort to know that he is there any time I need him”

Danny Sims – MD – DJS Research

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“What Mike did was that based on the participants around the table, he could really capture the enthusiasm and capability of the individuals within that room and get buy-in to the right strategy”

Gary Fawcett – MD BTR UK

“My objectives were to find out where we were as a business. Mike explored these questions in a direct and structured way. Mike gives clarity, has the ability to get to the root issue and is very approachable at the same time. Mike has the simple skill to get to the heart of the business and suggest workable strategies”

Nick Edmond – Richmond-Scientific

“Throughout the process Mike has been available to provide valuable input and advice. We have now completed the deal and have a high degree of confidence and a clear action plan for implementation. Working with an independent advisor through this process has been extremely beneficial both as an additional resource and a sounding board for critical decisions. We also hope to work with Mike on future initiatives.”

Dr. Ian Rankin Dot Medical Ltd, Macclesfield

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“I have a small restaurant and needed some advice on maximising profitability, increasing turnover etc. Mike Knudsen came to my office on a couple of occasions and provided good advice and followed up with practical assistance including setting up appropriate spread sheets. It’s not often you find someone with Mike’s expertise, gleaned from working with some very large companies, available in such a user friendly way to SMEs.

We’re only a relatively small business and Mike provided the opportunity of tapping in to some big business ideas.Very knowledgeable, straight talking and personable all at a reasonable price. No hesitation in recommending him.”

David Artingstall Va Bene Restaurant, Glossop.

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

“The sessions with Steve and Mike Knudsen were invaluable in facilitating impartial discussion around what had previously been a very sensitive issue. With their help we were able to take a step back, critically analyse the organisation, work out what was working and what was not and develop a plan for change.

I was surprised at how quickly the Management Team were able to jump on board and we made more progress over the period of the sessions than we had previously been able to achieve in the last 8 years. We now have a structure that we are confident will enable us to sustain and expand our service”

Sharron Baroudi Chief Executive – Sheffield Information Link

Having Mike Knudsen as a business mentor proved essential for me when I wanted to set up my own company. If it wasn’t for Mike, I don’t think I would be in business today.

I had first met Mike at a business networking event and used the services of GET RESULTS in my previous employment. When I first considered going self-employed I knew that I would need the services of a business mentor and, because of his experience and knowledge as a successful business advisor, Mike was a natural first choice.

One of the first things I learnt from Mike was that, for the mentoring process to be effective, I had to be completely honest about myself, my strengths and my weaknesses. We did some simple exercises about what I want, what I am good at and what I enjoy doing most. We discussed what challenges I would face and how I intended to overcome them. Having a mentor helped me step back and see the bigger picture, offering a fresh perspective and giving new ideas and options for ensuring my new business would be a success.

During the time we have worked together Mike and I have become friends and I still get as much from the relationship as I did when I first met with Mike. For instance, he has helped me with practical advice on how to deal with customers and made sure my rates and service offering is up to scratch.

Mike has helped me achieved much more than the goals we first set out and I have established a great deal from the mentoring process. To this day Mike still proves to be an invaluable asset in nurturing the growth and success of my business.

“Excellent and very personable, fantastic business acumen and sound, practical advice to help develop and grow our business and which has helped me continually develop both as a business owner and as an individual”

Andrew Wearden – Web Designer and Consultant. Buxton Web Design

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

“I introduced Mike to a prospect to assist through a period of growth and strategic change. Mike grabbed the opportunity with both hands, and has assisted the client in fail safe decision making and strategic acquisition. Mike has more than paid for his consultancy fees by bottom line improvements.”

Ian Thomas FInstIB, Owner, Proactive Trading Ltd (Hampshire).

“We engaged Get Results to help us with a very specific decision we had to make concerning a substantial, long-term investment. Our consultant, Mike, spent a good deal of time understanding where the business was at that precise moment and what the likely implications of the decision would be. As a consequence we chose not to pursue that particular course of development and six months later, with the onset of the global downturn, it could not have been better, more timely, more tailored advice. And to top it all, Mike was a thoroughly nice chap to do business with!”

Jodi Cook Plain Talk Print Ltd, Glossop.

“Mike is a dynamic and talented consultant who builds businesses and improves their effectiveness and profitability. His personal approach and commitment are key elements to his success and he is not afraid of a challenge! 
Recently I attended an NLP Practitioner training course with Mike and it was wonderful to work with him at a much deeper level and take that journey together. Again it was the depth of Mike’s commitment to everything that he holds dear that I found to be so inspirational and I am proud to consider him a friend, a business colleague and a fellow NLP Practitioner.”

Chris Trigg Owner & MD, Crucis Consultants Ltd.

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