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CoffeeIt is not always easy to take the first step towards business change. But without that first step, you cannot take your business to where you want it to be. One chat over a coffee with a Get Results Business Coach could give you the new insight that gets you started. And all it will cost you is your journey and your time. Alternatively, we can come to you – and all we ask in return is that the coffee is on you.

You could spend a morning battling with your latest business challenge. You could spend it roaming the internet in the hope of finding a tailor-made solution. You could spend it just doing what you always do – and getting what you have always got.

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There are lots of ways of putting off thoughts of change for another day, and plenty of reasons for taking no action. But you’ve got the business to where it is today. You know you could take it further. So just how can you make that first step towards change?

Taking time to think is a good place to start. Taking time to explore ideas together with someone else who has directly relevant business knowledge and experience is even better. That is why there is always a fresh cup of coffee on offer at our office for anyone who could use an hour or two away from their business to talk about their business. It is a chance for you to spend productive time talking about whatever aspect of your business you want to change.

You can find a useful sounding board for your own ideas, and you will leave with a fresh perspective as well as practical suggestions for how you can take action.

We will enjoy the chat, there is no sales pressure, and no obligation. And if you dont like coffee, we happily put the kettle on. Our builders tea is legendary.

To arrange a chat over a coffee call us on 01625 329 319 or contact us.

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