Get Results with Effective B2B Marketing


Find the Right Customers and Provide Something they Value

Our B2B Marketing Programme help you do exactly that. Getting results through effective B2B marketing require analysis, planning and preparation. Its about more than just growing turnover, Getting your marketing right will grow your bottom line. So how do we identify your most profitable customers and make sure you provide something they value?

How It Works

Typically, we work with the person responsible for the business and other relevant team members. Through facilitating discussions, bringing ideas together and supporting you, we help you and your team work through questions based on proven B2B marketing best practice.

Explore Your Market

Working with you and key members of your team, we develop what you have to offer and clarify who you should be selling to in order to achieve the most success.

Develop Your Value Proposition

Together we create a written value proposition that gives you a foundation on which to base your sales and marketing activity. Using this will create consistent messages that tell people exactly what you do and what benefits you offer. Follow this process and your business have a great opportunity to be established as the ‘go to’ source for your particular product or service.

Then we practice and try out your new approach on existing contacts, asking for their feedback. This is the quickest and most accurate way to find out whether your value proposition and message will succeed. We’ll provide you with the questions to ask, so you can be sure you will get useful information back.

Refine Your Approach

Bringing your own and your potential customers’ feedback together, we evaluate what’s working and what isn’t. We use feedback to refine the value proposition, making the most of the effective elements and looking again and improving those that were less successful.

Make It Happen!

What marketing activities should you undertake? What promotional material do you need? Who will take responsibility for different aspects? Do you have the skills in house? If not, do you need training, or would it make more sense to outsource specific activities? We work together to answer these questions and create tangible action plans. We then support you I the implementation phase to ensure the plans turn into effective marketing delivery.

By the end of the Get Results B2B Marketing Programme, you will have a B2B marketing strategy and an action plan. You will understand who your best customers are and how to find them, and you will be ready grow a pipeline that will bring long term profitable growth for your business.

For an informal chat about support for your business, call us on 01625 329 319 or contact us to arrange for us to call you. 

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