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We work with owners and management teams to help improve personal effectiveness at all levels in the business. Programmes are tailored to your particular needs, and are likely to include facilitated group discussions, training, and one-to-one coaching. Typically, we focus on three key areas:

Introducing a Culture of Feedback

Are you ready for feedback?  Only others can really judge how effective you are.  If you’re not ready to accept and work with feedback,  how will you learn where you could improve?  We work with you to make sure you and your team understand the value of feedback, how to give it, how to take it, and how to move forward with it.

Reviews and Appraisals

The first opportunity for feedback is a regular structured process for giving feedback to all employees. The process must be engaging, simple and offer opportunity for mutual exchanges about individual performance – good and bad.

Effective feedback processes aren’t easy to develop and maintain, without the right knowledge and understanding.  We help you design the programme; we train your managers, and we support the implementation until regular feedback is a welcome habit across your business.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

We help you introduce employee satisfaction surveys into your workplace and make use of the results as part of a process of continuous improvement.

Step One:  Discussion about what you hope to achieve from the process, and how you will manage the results.  If you’re not prepared to take action on an issue, there’s no point asking the questions.
Step Two:  Guidance on how to get employees to buy into the process.  People need to believe that it’s more than a paper exercise and that their views are really valued.
Step Three:  We provide an on-line survey tailored to your business, based on tried and tested questions we know will bring useful information. This is backed up with paper surveys in case some of the workforce are not able to access on-line tools.
Step Four:  Review the results together.  What do they really mean? What actions could you and should you take? How do you communicate the findings constructively to staff?

Once you start to run employee satisfaction surveys regularly, you can not only identify areas for immediate improvement but also spot trends over time.  By acting on the results, you can show staff that their views matter, and so increase motivation and encourage greater openness in future.

360 Degree Feedback and Appraisal

We work with companies to implement 360 Degree Feedback for a more effective appraisal process. The traditional annual review between a manager and each of their direct reports leaves much to be desired.  It relies on a level of openness that’s rarely found in such conversations; it’s subjective, and it’s unlikely to produce a rounded view of the individual’s performance.

With 360 Degree Feedback, you get clear and constructive feedback from the people you work with. You can include peers, managers, subordinates, customers, or even suppliers – anyone who is in a position to make an informed judgement.  You then compare this with your own self-evaluation.

People gain better self-awareness by learning how others see them.  They are also more prepared to take action on the results than when they receive feedback only from their line manager.  There are, however, pitfalls to be found.  People can feel threatened, and individuals and managers alike may lack the skills to make the process successful.  Work with us, and you get all the support and resources you need in order to be confident you can establish 360 Degree Feedback effectively in your business.

As part of the programme, we will:

  • Train groups and/or coach individuals, so that people know how to participate in the process effectively and aren’t worried by it.
  • Train managers to help people come out of the process willing and able to contribute more effectively to the business, and with development plans that align personal aspirations with business goals.
  • Make the process easy to manage, providing on-line access to a proven set of questions known to give a rounded perspective.  

Key to the success of our approach is that we make sure you integrate 360 Degree Feedback with individual and business goals.  You then see individuals focusing on improving the skills that will help the business succeed, because they understand the impact of their actions.  You also encourage a culture of open and honest feedback that makes your business a better place to work.

For an informal chat about support for family business, call us on 01625 329 319 or contact us to arrange for us to call you. 

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