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We help owners and managers of small to medium sized businesses develop their own personal effectiveness and that of the people in their teams. Through a mixture of training, coaching and mentoring, we help you put sustainable systems in place to make sure everyone is continually improving their contribution to your business.

Could you be Wasting Talent?

Are all the members of your team working to their full potential? Is there anyone who is technically good – but could achieve more with better communication skills? Anyone who is great at getting the job done – but who tends to upset their colleagues in the process? Anyone who is always working late to catch up, because they failed to plan and delegate?

Few businesses manage to get the best out of every employee. Yet those that do, not only outperform beyond their competitors, they also have happier employees who stay for longer and deliver better service. Investing in personal development for you and your team is one of the most effective ways to grow your business.

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We work with you to introduce a range of tools and techniques, including appraisals that work, employee satisfaction surveys, and 360 Degree Feedback. Our focus is on improving communication within the business, because the better people understand each other and themselves, the more productive they can be.  Through our programme, you will learn how to:

  • Evaluate your own personal effectiveness 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of each member of your team
  • Understand and work with the motivations of each member of staff   
  • Make improvements based on staff feedback
  • Plan personal development programmes
  • Align the needs of the individual with those of the business.

All programmes are scalable and tailored to your business. You can be confident all our approaches are proven business best practice, relevant and achievable in your workplace.

For an informal chat about support for family business, call us on 01625 329 319 or contact us to arrange for us to call you. 

From our base in Macclesfield, we provide Business Advice, Mentoring, Coaching and Training to businesses across Cheshire,Derbyshire and the North West including Macclesfield, Wilmslow,Stockport, Buxton and Manchester.

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