Ready for Growth?

first-steps Every business wants more enquiries, more sales, and more customers – but how well prepared are you for growth? Fast growth should be good news, but if you are not ready to handle what is already coming in, then additional business may be premature.

Is Your Business Ready for Growth?

Every business is different, and each is complex in its own way. But all share the same fundamental issues when seeking to build a firm foundation for growth. These can be grouped into three core areas:

1 – Marketing 
The key issues around understanding your product or service offering and how to meet the needs of your target market. How clear are you about what makes your ideal customer, and why they would buy from you? Without a clear focus, marketing efforts are unlikely to bring you the fast growth you are after.

2 – Fulfilment 
Take note – If you cannot deliver consistently and profitably as demand grows, your reputation will suffer. You risk losing not only newly gained customers but also those who were your loyal supporters in the early days. If you are not organised well, serving more customers badly can also be costly and affect your profitability.

3 – Organisational Questions
A 50-employee company is very different from a 5-employee firm, and a 5-employee firm very different from a single entrepreneur starting out in business. If you’re to remain productive and profitable as you grow, clear roles and responsibilities are vital.

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