Strategy Workshops

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Align Goals and Actions Across Your Team

How We Work With You

Our approach varies depending on your business and the way you prefer to work.  Typically, we run a two stage workshop for a group of team members, with thinking time allowed in between.

A typical Strategy Workshop Plus Programme goes as follows:

Step One:  Strategic Planning Workshop

Bring together between two and twelve team members from different areas of your business for a full day facilitated workshop.  We take you through a structured agenda that helps you consider your business from a variety of different angles.  Working with a range of strategic planning tools, you share ideas, generate new insights, and create a draft set of goals and priority actions for your business.

Step Two: Thinking Time

Take time to reflect on the discussions and think through the implications.  Some people think and react quickly, and will come up with ideas on the spot during meetings.  These ideas may or may not prove to be valuable in the long run.  Other people need longer, but can produce crucial insights given the time to do so.

By giving everyone time and space to think things through, you will end up with a blend of ideas and perspectives mixing contributions from both the more outspoken and the quieter members of your team. This will provide the most robust direction for your business.

Step Three: Regroup and Finalise the Plan

Bring everyone back together to review the points covered in the previous workshop.  We consider all the ideas covered in the light of further thoughts that people may have had since, and make sure everyone has the opportunity to contribute fully.

By the end of the day you will have developed a plan that outlines:

  • A core set of strategic goals for your business.
  • The key actions you need to take to achieve those goals.
  • Who will be responsible for what, and when it will be done by.

When your team understand and buy into where the business is going, you will have a  shared purpose that makes your organisation a very effective place to work.  Because everyone is working to the same agenda, you start to see real business results that put you on the road to long term success.

For an informal chat about support for your business, call us on 01625 329 319 or contact us to arrange for us to call you. 

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