The Five Areas of Business Advice: Which are Most Helpful for You?

aae886fb-da30-4fac-819e-84dcfa13e189Business advice generally falls into five areas. These do of course overlap, but if you are clear about which areas are most important to you in your business, you will make better decisions about which advisers to work with.

Complementary Knowledge and Skills

Are you looking for a business advisor because you have a specific project in mind, for which you know you don’t have the knowledge and skills in-house? Maybe you are looking to introduce an appraisal system; to develop customer feedback processes; to export for the first time.

Tip: Whatever the project, identify where the knowledge gaps are and find someone who has the expertise to fill them.

Adding Experience of your Industry Sector

If you need technical advice that only someone with experience in your sector can bring, then clearly you need to find someone who can offer that. Often you may already know the right person when you seek advice within your industry. But if you are looking for help with wider issues, you may do better seeking input from someone with different background and experience.

Tip: Business advice from someone with experience in the relevant discipline – such as marketing, process improvement, strategic planning – is often of more use than experience within a specific industry sector.

A Fresh Perspective

Maybe you are full of ideas, but not sure where to focus your efforts. Or perhaps you know your business is not performing as well as it could, but you do not know how to move forward. Whatever the situation that is holding you back, a fresh perspective can be invaluable.

Tip: It is vital that you turn new ideas and insights in to actions – so you may also need someone who can help you progress the actions for those next steps.

More Time to Implement

Much sound business advice is wasted because the business owner or manager has no time to implement it. Using your business adviser for hands-on activities can be a way to increase the time available to you – but not all advisers are interested in doing this.

Tip: If you suspect you will be in this position, look for an adviser who is prepared to roll up their sleeves and help you get stuff done.

Personal Support

Being the boss can be lonely – we all need someone to discuss problems with and bounce ideas off. A business adviser can become a very valuable part of your own personal support network.

Tip: It is important to choose a business adviser you feel you can work with. It is even more important if you know you need this level of personal support. Choose someone you are completely comfortable with.

Get Results advisers work with clients in all the five areas described. You can find out more about our business advice services here.

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